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Our Group always insists on Scientization Management, Standardization Operation, and Conglomerated Development from nothing to achieving Top-3 Enterprise in China Instrument Transformer Industry within 7 years. From raising our own Brand to achieving ‘Chinese Famous Trademark’, it only spends us for 10 years. The development speed and history make us as a leader sample in the Instrument Transformer Industry. And the scope of effect, competition and the compliment of our Brand have grown up step by step, which make our Group having a stable position in China Instrument Transformer Industry, and pushing and leading the market healthier with a non-replaced function and our Group can develop rapidly on the healthy and continuous road.

Beginning of Foundation

On 14th Nov., 1997, Mr. Li Taochang resigned from the state-operated company leader under the policy which private company would be supported by Government, and he made a loan with amount of RMB3,200,000.00 to found the predecessor of our Group, Dalian North Instrument Transformer Factory with only 42 employees, few old rooms, a poor ground. Because lacking of manufacture and test equipments, this factory only provided several kinds of products. However, it continued to operate without defects on quality under the effect of extreme conditions. Mr. Li always persist in the company spirit of Personality Determines Quality and Being a Stronger Enterprise, Making the Employees Wealthy and Feeding Back the Society as our Business Philosophy. In the first year, we have obtained extraordinary performance to lay a solid foundation for the development of the Group.

Healthy Growing

Learning-oriented strategic decision-makers cast a learning-oriented enterprises and employees to make staff ability to keep up with business strategy, and promote healthy growth of enterprises. After experiencing the primitive accumulation of survival efforts, production and sales increased year by year, with the development of these, we increased the number of employees, extended the enterprise scale rapidly, on the basic of that, we realized a healthy three-year span, and we cut a striking figure in this industry, more and more domestic and foreign Users have to establish cooperation relationship with us on supply and demand.

More Mature and Stronger

After more than a decade of wind and rain baptism, cultural accumulation, we are growing from the development to be powerful, from adolescence to maturity. In the process of development by leaps and bounds, we fully absorb the advanced management concepts, management tools, and strive to manage the unity of knowledge and technology, technology R & D, quality control, production and sales and other important aspects rise by a spiral upward trend, the comprehensive strength significantly improved, we continue to grow maturely. We founded Dalian North Vacuum Switch Factory in 2000, and Dalian North Arrestor Co., Ltd. in 2003, and at the same year, we also built a HV CT/PT production line. In 2005, Dalian North Instrument Transformer Factory was renamed as Dalian North Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd. and Dalian North Vacuum Switch Factory was renamed as Dalian North Vacuum Switch Co., Ltd. In 2006, we formed the Group that "Dalian North Electrical Equipment Group". In 2008, Dalian North Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd. was renamed as " Dalian North Instrument Transformer Group Co., Ltd. ", while Dalian North Electrical Equipment Group was renamed as " Dalian North Instrument Transformer Group", and one parent company: Dalian North Instrument Transformer Group Co., Ltd., Three subsidiaries: Dalian North Vacuum Switch Co., Ltd., Dalian North Arrestor Co., Ltd., Dalian Hongrun Packing Products Co., Ltd. In 2009, Hunan NORIT Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd. Founded. At present, the company has more than 1,600 employees with a covering area of 400,000 Square meters, and the total assets come up to RMB900,000,000.00. Technical equipment and testing capabilities have reached the advanced level in the Instrument Transformer Industry with dozens of new R & D products each year and totally achieved nearly 100 patents invention.

Wish for Future

The glory has become the past, in this times which filled with opportunities and challenges, we are still on the way of improving the image, competitiveness, product and sales force of the enterprise. We are committing to erect the social recognition, employee satisfaction, user trust to reach a win-win situation between the enterprise and society, enterprise and employees, enterprises and users, to push our development by a healthy and sustainable method. With nearly 40,000 square meters of intelligent instrument transformer project putting into use, we strive to achieve revenues of 10 billion in 2020, to become "Aircraft Carrier" in China's Instrument Transformer Industry, to lead the development of China's Instrument Transformer Industry to enhance world influence of China Initiative Brands, to boost the miracle of National Industry for China and to make new contributions to the development of the Global Power Industry.

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