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"There is no good policy of the Party, there is no happy life today," our Group Party Secretary, Director Mr. Li Taochang reflects so. He attaches great importance to the Party development work, the Party development has achieved remarkable results. In 2003, after the establishment of the Party branch of the Group, under the leadership of the Party Committee at the higher level, the Party development work goes forwards with a healthier and rapider method, and the Party members has grown step by step. In July 2006, the Party committee set up, Party committee has six Party branches: Group Party Branch I, Group Party Branch II, Dalian North Vacuum Switch Party Branch, Dalian North Arrester Party Branch, MV Instrument Transformer Branch, HV Instrument Transformer Party Branch. And we establish Party development activity room with 115 existing members to effectively promote the Group Scale, Product Upgrading and the steady development of production. Party development work implement under in-depth, stable and fruitful development, which it achieves the higher praise of Party Committee. And Group Party Committee was named Dalian Advanced Grass-roots Party Organizations.

As the enterprise's political core, Group Party Committee becomes into the development organizers, promoters and practitioners to implement the scientific concept. Since the establishment of the Party Committee of the Group, the CPC has always put the Party organization development in a prominent position, been giving full play as the political leading role of Party organizations in enterprise management, deepened organizational integration, team integration and ideological integration, and maintained the continuity of Party development work, and continuously promote the maximization of enterprise efficiency and optimization of the common development of Party development.

The Party committee of the group places its work on service, staff and supervision, and focuses on the relationship with the "three levels" (board of directors, board of supervisors, trade union and managers) and does not interfere in supervision, service. At the same time, the Party committee keeps the train of thought which is "focus on the catching Party development, do a good job to promote the Party development " from forcing on study, institution, management to establish and perfect the "three-meeting will be a lesson", i.e. Party members contacting workshop team and workers, Party team term aim, democratic evaluation of Party members and other Party life system. Members of the Party Branch participate in the management of the workshop, so that the leadership of the Party to penetrate all aspects of the enterprise, so that members are both as the internal political "leader", and also the "talent" on business operation to become a pioneer in the enterprise model. With the production and management, the Group Party Committee actively expand the stage of staff practice, has organized Party members to carry out the "Party Member Pioneer Position", "Youth Civilization Position", "Women Demonstration Position", "Party Member Demonstration Team" and "based on the position to contribute and add glory for Party flag "and such series of educational practice, to organize all workers to learn technology, knowledge, management to be excellent. The organizational advantages and political advantages of the Party have been transformed into the development advantages and long-term power of the enterprise, to boost the development confidence of the company, and agglomerate the development force. The overall development of enterprises enhances the driving force that the Party Development is also the power of production as the core value, and also to make us forming a Business Tenet "Being a Stronger Enterprise, Making the Employees Wealthy and Feeding Back the Society ".

Facing the new situation and tasks, the Party development work is based on reality, continue to explore and seek innovation, to actively carry out Party development work closely around the central task of enterprises, to create a harmonious enterprise as the basic work of Party organizations, to connect with Party development and business integration, to make the carrier innovation as an important part of maintaining the vitality of Party development, the work of the Party and the masses as an important area to expand the Party development work to promote the production and operation under a stable, sustained and harmonious development direction, and the Group's overall strength continues to increase, to explore the implementation of Party development work performance management, so that the work of the Party development is carried out as per related standards, assessment, implementation, and to achieve the work of Party development standardized and scientization, and comprehensively to enhance the management level, core competitiveness and to promote win-win between Party and company development, In order to supply a positive contribution for supporting of the economic and social construction.

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